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6/30/22  12:22 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Provider Empowerment Instead of Destruction

As a provider who cares deeply about the work I do, I wanted to wait before posting a public comment about these recent changes. It is very clear from the other comments that the recent changes to community stabilization simply will not be effective for achieving solid continuity of care for individuals in our community who truly need help. When publishing the final policies, please look beyond the numbers for a moment and think about those of us who are NOT committing fraud/waste and how we are negatively effected by this. Another comment shared how many negative consequences adding additional barriers and challenges present, and I fully agree with everything stated. I have dedicated the last 15+ years of my life to helping our community and have worked tirelessly to do the right thing and empower our community and all of the staff that have worked for our company over the years. It really seems as though DMAS simply does not want us to utilize Community Stabilization at all with these recent changes, and if that is the case please just remove/replace the service entirely instead of slowly causing the service to deteriorate due to administrative burdens. This service was listed in the top 5 of the most crucial services needed to help our community by DBHDS and it simply looks like this is not the case now. All of the comments clearly outline a multitude of issues with the recent draft and I sincerely hope that you address them as you promised you would to prevent a huge implosion of community based behavioral health services across the state. Do remember that a lack of quality community based providers, services, and workers was what initially caused the overcrowded residential crisis in the state long before Covid-19 hit. If the state of VA had more options and support for private providers 10+ years ago, the DOJ issues may have never happened in the first place. DMAS should want to empower providers and push quality services forward not hinder us with more red tape and frustration. Quality community based providers of all sizes are the key to success and forcing us into closure, extreme stress, ongoing staff confusion/frustration is counterproductive to helping VA increase our quality of services. Imagine if your supervisor came to you every 90 days telling you that there were policy changes that would put your job in jeopardy? Think of how devastated you would feel and how this could literally drive you into a mental breakdown due to the ongoing uncertainty. Would you even want to engage daily in the very challenging and difficult policy work that you do? This is literally what we are left with as DMAS makes these changes over and over again. I appreciate your time reading and using the empathy that I believe you all have to understand the sincerity in these words.

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