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6/30/22  11:40 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Crisis services and inconsistencies based on current initiatives

Access requirements to this service (ie- who can make a referral/how a client can access the service) and requiring authorizations instead of registrations seems to push the crisis system backward, in the opposite direction of the intention of the crisis now model. Continued changes, additional documentation requirements, and decreasing ease of access will continue to be a barrier to individuals in the community accessing services they need. This will result in more mobile crisis calls, escalation needing a higher level of intervention such as LE (not consistent with MARCUS alert initiative), and individuals continuing to show up to ERs and contributing to hospital boarding. For these systems to be successful, crisis support services should be accessible and the process should be streamlined. "Jumping through hoops" will result in less providers wanting to provide the service, decrease in consumer accessibility, and ultimately perpetuate a broken system.

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