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3/19/22  11:15 am
Commenter: Firefighter / EMT

End the Masks and Mandates

The masks and mandates need to go away for the reasons below.

  1. The vaccine is not to keep people from getting COVID-19, but to help them from giving it to other people and keeping vaccinated people that get COVID-19 from getting as sick as those that are not vaccinated.
  2. There is no scientific proof that there is one single type of mask that works better than others to stop the spread of COVID-19.
  3. The only types of masks that people could wear to stop the spread of COVID-19 would be a half mask respirator with filter cartridges, supplied air respirators, or a PAPR. These masks require yearly fit testing, plus how many people would wear any of these for a whole day while at work much less when they go out shopping, to dinner, etc.?
  4. I personally know people that have been fully vaccinated that wear N95 masks and / or double layer mask when they are out in public, and they have still gotten COVID-19.
  5. Gym's, fitness centers, and martial art schools in the same localities that are not doing the same thing because of the ever-changing CDC and Dept. of Health recommendations and these businesses not knowing the best thing to do. Some are saying masks no matter what, some are saying no masks if fully vaccinated, and others are saying only fully vaccinated allowed but you still have to wear a mask.
  6. At some point COVID-19 is going to have be treated like the flu and other disease that hospitals, doctor offices, etc. have yearly vaccines for that everyone is recommended to get every year. The world is not running around with masks on every day because of the flu.
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