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2/28/22  4:29 pm
Commenter: Grandmother/Mother/Gov't worker

STOP ALL MANDATES-We are taking our lives back!

Two short weeks to flatten the curve of a virus and its impact on society has morphed into two LONG Years of political coercion to threaten our jobs and our own or our children's ability to attend school or college if we don't comply with a medical procedure (vaccine) we absolutely object to because of personal or religious reasons. Two LONG years I have been forced to wear a mask in my workplace and children were forced to wear them all day at school (Thank you Gov. Youngkin for stopping THAT madness)! YEARS of our lives stripped from us even though the novel virus died out LONG ago, only to be replaced by a variant that has symptoms so MILD it would make a Flu laugh!!  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! THIS MUST END!!

Thank you

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