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2/28/22  12:57 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Business Owner Point of View

As a multi-business owner and an employee of a major corporation, we have witnessed/experienced that many businesses have followed the mandates and Virginia COVID-19 standard requirements the best that they could, but the employees and the public during their personal time (vacation, family gatherings, holidays, travel) would not always follow the requirements outside of work/company.  Businesses had to endure the results of this.  Employee turnover, continuous training & updates, providing masks/gloves to employees and customers, backfilling employees, keeping open or having regular hours, tracking/reporting of covid cases, and continual cleaning/sanitizing.  All with costs.  We have also witnessed several of our business friends to go out of business due to not being able to meet all the requirements and being able to make money too.  In addition, we are seeing the emotional trauma that it is causing people of continually living in fear, not knowing what is really accurate or what is false information, anger and depression, not being able to feel comfortable around others, and not seeing people's faces and their true emotions.  Many children are being affected by all of this.  Children see and hear what their parents/adults are going through, what is on news/social media, and not being able to be a normal child with normal childhood experiences.  Majority of people that have chosen vaccinations have already done so.  Those that are set in their decision/viewpoint or have religious or health reasons to not get the vaccine will not budge or be persuaded.  In the end, mandates have made both vaccinated and unvaccinated suffer for way too long. It's been stressful on everyone and everything.  It is time to end it all.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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