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2/26/22  12:14 pm
Commenter: Vcu health employee

Exhausted medical workers say stop

It's been so long now that I couldn't tell you how long it's been but us medical workers have been pushed and shoved and mandated for so long that large majority of us are counting down to March when we will be granted mental health days because we all need it. We all may have different reasons but they are all related to working in a profession beat down by COVID. Not all of us could stand it, as we have lost a monumental portion of our staffing and many others are still considering leaving it behind. As for myself I'd like to tough it out, at least for a little bit longer but these regulations looming over our heads, keeping us in a state of fear and uncertainty have to go. Every week for over a year I had to test 3 times to keep my job and if I ever forgot or if a test got lost I'd be reprimanded.  A couple of months ago, one of my test that I have to pick up and drop off myself got lost in fed ex and my job was threatened and I was warned another missing weekly test then I will no longer have a paycheck to keep my daughter under a roof. This week I find out, because my employer changed insurance providers, that my insurance is being charged for these, unnecessary and personally unwanted tests but still they are falling on my tab. I am tired governor. And I'm sick of being punished for have concerns over my body pertaining to newly made concoctions. And as we all sit back and learn of changing recommendations, side effects and deaths pertaing to these mandates I and and many of my coworkers stay riddled with fear that these testing mandates and vaccine mandates are going to put us in the streets. Please governor end the testing and vaccine mandates, I am tired and I want to try and open a nice fresh chapter in my loved and chosen career and try to enjoy some normalcy again at my workplace. Thank you, 

Your dedicated but exhausted and mentally taxed medical providers

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