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2/19/22  6:09 am
Commenter: Linda Thurby-Hay

Responsible citizenry

As a practicing professional nurse, I have witnessed more death from COIVD-19 than any other period of my over 40-year professional career. During the first year of this pandemic, deaths were caused by a disease for which we had no treatment or preventative strategies. The elderly, immunocompromised and those with multiple chronic diseases died; the suffering was unimaginable and the death ugly. Many of those who survived continue to struggle with long-term health consequences. This fall & winter season brought more death from those who chose not to vaccinate. Whole families have died!

I am weary of the political bantering and falsehoods generated by social media and networks that aren't reporting facts. Our future community health and healthcare workforce is at stake! Science is not perfect but we must rely on current scientific evidence to make the best possible DECISIONS FOR ALL, and not stand on personal rights as the only and final answer to issues affecting America's citizenry.  

When the facts indicate we can stop using transmission-blocking strategies, then let's move on. If they don't, then use what we know helps! 

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