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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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10/17/21  11:23 pm
Commenter: Anonymous


The state or the school does not have the right to mandate experimental shots for our children, turning them into lab rats for the drug companies.  The shots do NOT actually prevent them from getting or spreading COVID, and the risks from the shots outweigh the actual risk for the illness for children and young adults. Have you actually read the possible risks and side effects that they list for adults?!  Blood clots, sterility for females, and heart inflammation are just to name a few.  No one knows even what the long term effects will be and you what to subject my children to this?  It's like Nazi medical experimentation.

Those students and teachers who might have medical conditions that put them at risk for COVID, should coordinate with their own personal doctor to make their own decision about taking the shots.  Those COVID shots should not be forced on people, especially our children!

And to say that there will be no religious exemptions is UNCONSTITIONAL in both the state and federal constitutions!  We don't believe in using dead babies to make these shots and there are cells from these babies in the COVID shots.

We will take our children out of school before allowing them to be medically tested on, because that is really what you and the drug companies are doing. Shame on you!!

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