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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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9/27/21  10:45 pm
Commenter: Jacob Rupe

No vaccine or mask mandate

Please do not mandate vaccines or masks for anybody for any reason.

For myself personally, I struggle to wear a mask because I am too honest. When I wear a mask I feel like I’m lying to myself and those around me. This makes me very uncomfortable and I feel Ike the devil is on my face when I wear a mask. Since the start of this whole pandemic I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn a mask and I just feel so wrong wearing one. I’d rather be a martyr than a liar and I call on all the saints of heaven to give my brethren the courage to face those who channel satan when they choose to enforce mandates over the will of their neighbor. I will love those who persecute me to the best of my abilities. Such a love is supernatural and only possible by God’s grace alone. 

COVID is so small it stays in the air suspended for 5 days plus. A hair can fit around your mask and a hair is 1000 times larger than a virus particular. A mask raises your level of CO2 and preserves germs close to the face. A mask erodes the dignity of the subject who wears one, especially when forced. Masks do harm and offer no protection against COVID. 

finally, for the vaccine, it scares me and I don’t want it. I shouldn’t have to explain myself, the simple answer that I say NO, that should be enough. No means no. Why force inject someone? Why withhold service conditional of injection? It is all wrong. Why segregate people by status? What happened to civil rights and MLK? Why did the Virginia department of health make every citizens vacation status a public record? Stop. Please stop. This division is completely unethical and wrong and I’m sad to see how my fellow Americans can hate each other. Hate is not the answer. Love is the way.

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