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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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9/27/21  10:18 pm
Commenter: Richard W.

The request is ludicious, lacks scientific and medical merit as well as is unconstituional

The notion that required vaccination under these conditions has any efficacy has yet to be proven on a consistent basis. According to the VEAR data bases the death toll is 15,000 and climbing which well exceeds FDA ethical guidelines by 1000% as the standard max is 150 deaths and an EAU is discontinued.  These Vaccines are an MRNA technology that has ever been used in proper human clinical trials.  We have no longitudinal studies on the possible effects this will have on people over time.  The  data presented from the scientist's in the 8 hour zoom call on Sept 17 2021 at 1 hour and 30 minutes from Israel's Ministry of health reported 85% double vaccinated population with a 4th wave among the highest in 21 months of the current variant 60% of the infected being vaccinated  people.  This shows  3 reasonable possibilities 1. viral resistance to the vaccine, 2. Mutations due to Advanced antibody dependency and complications from the spike protein duplication due to cyclical variant exposure or 3. The Vaccines have proven ineffective.  It's ludicrous to follow  the same path as Israel.   There are numerous cheap off brand therapeutics that have meta analysis peer reviewed data and have existed for well over 30 to 40+ years that work at treating Covid.  Ivermectin, or HCQ combined with Zinc, Vitamin D Vitamin C and in some cases Budesine as well.  This data correlates with India,  the UK and the US.  The supporting Doctors to name a few are Dr. Robert Malone, (Inventor of the MRNA technology) Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Vladamire Zelinko, Dr. Bryan Tyson, Dr George Fureed, Dr. Sherry Tenpenny of  Ohio, Dr Tess Lori of the UK and her meta analysis of successes with Ivermectin and roughly 1,000 more Doctors world wide who support therapeutics over these current vaccines.    The survival rate for those under 70 is 99.81% as an average for the Alpha variant, it is known by virologist's that each variant becomes weaker, unless that variant is mutating due to these current vaccines and the spike protein created by the  Gene therapy/ vaccines .      Forcing this issue in my opinion now is becoming a crime against humanity and the lack transparency on these issues will not be tolerated any longer and will be continued to be addressed and called out.  This is not reasonable sound medical practice, this is fear and control based not supported by any credible scientific method's at this point.   This furthermore is nothing more than a repeat of 1987 and the use of AZT for the treatment Aids and HIV that later proved the drug AZT was causing renal failure and destruction of white blood cells causing a 32% mortality rate in the patient.  It was also discovered that AZT was the cause of AIDS in many of the patients.     The notion of heard immunity through vaccination is a  compete antithesis to virology as heard immunity is established through natural occurrence  not through mass vaccination.   The proposal to force vaccinate is unreasonable and no one should comply at this point for everything I just stated.  My statement only scratches the surface in terms of collected data on this issue.   

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