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Regulations for the Immunization of School Children [12 VAC 5 ‑ 110]
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9/27/21  8:40 pm
Commenter: Amy Solares


No vaccine mandates!  You cannot and should not force anyone to make any medical or health decisions against their wishes.  To force anyone, much less our teachers and students to get this shot is apprehensible when it has been stipulated schools have never been shown to be a place where this virus travels around.  Adding to this is the fact that children have been shown to be the most asymptomatic and not spreaders of this virus.  This virus is less than 1% fatal - it is not a pandemic but instead is being used to scare people, a political maneuver. To take it a step further and to deny any exemptions and to not even consider natural immunity is WRONG! NO VACCINE MANDATES!!!  This is wholly and completely a political agenda and has nothing to do with health.  IT IS TIME TO TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and if you want to get this shot, by all means, get it. If you want your children to get this shot, by all means, do it. BUT THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHT TO FORCE THE REST OF US TO GET IT. IT IS TIME FOR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Let us decide on our own.

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