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6/22/20  11:24 pm
Commenter: Kirsten Schrag

Consider EVERYONE in the school, including adultsi

As a substitute (and previously full time) teacher, I want this decision to be based on what is best for EVERYONE in the school. While I understand there is a group of people desperate to return to school on a “normal” schedule in the fall with beliefs that “kids don’t get sick”, there are a lot of adults in the building who could. It is not reasonable to ask them to quit their jobs because of this. Most importantly, as a substitute for nearly 7 years i think it’s important to consider that on a NORMAL school year many sub positions are unfilled, cafeteria and bus driver positions unfilled, how does anyone expect that going back to “normal” in the fall (with no yet known vaccine and still MANY falling ill not to mention deaths) will have less of an impact on kids than of their teachers could teach in a healthier environment (online, smaller class sizes, social distancing...). I appreciate what a hard decision this will be and understand that you’ll never make EVERYONE happy.

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