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6/22/20  10:14 pm
Commenter: Rolf Loberg,CWA 2204 member

covid-19 standards

  I work as a technician for Verizon.  For our job we are costantly going into peoples homes as well as businesses including hospitals and health clinics.  I'm more worried now then before because there are more people infected in our area and with more stuff opening up the likelyhood of getting Covid-19 is increasing not decreasing.  Yet in our hurry to get the economy going again I feel like our health risks are being marginalized by our employers and government.

  The provision that leaves it up to the employer to assess risk categories is extremely dangerous.  The incentive is too great to place employees in lower risk categories for this to be left solely to the employer.  Lacking set categorizations for employee tasks, employers must involve the workers who do the job, and their Labor Unions/Employee Associations where in place, in assessing any work place for risk.  It should be mandatory that risk categorization is a mutually agreed upon decision.  Thank you for your time.


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