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Standards Established and Methods Used to Assure High Quality Care [12 VAC 30 ‑ 60]
Action Electronic Visit Verification
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3/20/20  1:22 pm
Commenter: Carissa Ballston

this is a witch hunt

NCIL (National Council on Independent Living) has statistics stating that the fraud level in the Consumer Directed program is very, very low.  Check out their numbers!  DMAS has yet to produce any statistics showing that fraud is rampant in the consumer directed program especially among live-ins.  In one of the Roanoke EVV meetings, there were investigators there and when asked how much fraud there was, their unprofessional answer was, "a lot".  As DMAS is well aware, the majority of live-ins are working more hours than they are allotted.  The majority of live-ins are parents of loved ones caring for a disabled family member.  The majority in VA are making $9 per hour with no benefits.  How does keeping track of their hours and whereabouts with EVV show anything?  With just two punches (many are required to do more) on EVV GPS system per day, their whereabouts are being tracked and recorded more than any American citizen would want to be tracked! Felons are treated better!  It is quite one thing to track a nurse VISITING/EXITING a home versus tracking THE LIVES of a family and their disabled son/daughter or loved one!  Yes, just two clock ins/out per day(some have to do more) IS tracking a citizen.  EVV is nothing more than a WITCH HUNT that costs taxpayers a considerable amount in additional record keeping, bureaucracy, software, hardware, staffing, cell phones/devices, etc.... and all the taxpayer is going to find out is that these live-ins need more hours and pay!  There are bad people in the world, so does that mean we track all law abiding persons because of a few bad?  No, that is an expensive witch hunt and nothing mor

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