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Standards Established and Methods Used to Assure High Quality Care [12 VAC 30 ‑ 60]
Action Electronic Visit Verification
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3/20/20  7:20 am
Commenter: Justin Coleman

just wrong what DMAS expects and to add tracking on top of it

family caregivers and those who have opened their homes to persons with disabilities making one of the ultimate sacrifices.  There are no paid holidays - they will be working all of Thanksgiving.  Their job is not 9 to 5: it is 24 hours availability 7 days a week.  There is no salary: $9 an hour (out of that $9 an hour comes all transportation for the person with disabilities as well).  They are not paid anywhere near the hours they work.  There are no sick days - they work while sick.  There is no job security.  Their case managers often neglect a simple step and they lose pay. Their service facilitators often neglect a step, and they lose pay.  Payroll can neglect a step and they lose pay.  Often, they must ask a friend or relative to put up their social security numbers and work for free as EOR so the state does not have to be their employer of record (even though the state is calling all the shots as if they are employer). There is no healthcare. There are no bonuses.  So, with all the difficulties and sacrifices of the job that already exist, the state is asking live-ins to do even more.  Now, instead of posting their hours every two weeks; they must post at least twice daily to a very difficult system that will be gps'ing each and every post collecting their locations and habits.  The many difficulties of this system are quite evident if one can read and listen to the very valid issues posted in various media.  Why would the state do this to live-ins?  It is simple.  Because they don't have to; they have comfortable salaries and able bodied families!  

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