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3/20/20  7:17 am
Commenter: Renee Day

EVV is a nightmare on top of the existing nightmare

The EVV app celltrak is glitchy and doesn't always clock in or out as it's supposed to.  We have to still enter a lot of time in the consumer direct portal.  The existing nightmare is that there is no continuity of care at the annual.  In the past attendants have graciously worked and put their time in 2 weeks after the annual date because the authorizer pends everything.  These private providers havent been trained on writting the justification and frequently get me, the EOR, to do it for them.  The service coordinator has a caseload so large that she can't hokd their hand.  This happens every annual and schedule change times.  It's unclear if the attendent will be able to submit these hours late.  The EVV doesnt allow clock in wothout the authorization.  This impacts the ability to hire and retain attendants.  No one can afford a two week unpaid vacation.  The attendant is still waiting to be paid for an 8.03 hr shift that should be 8 because the EVV tacked on an extra minute at the front and end of the shift.  If EVV celltrak is a timeclock it should be able to round the time down without leaving the attendant unpaid.  The other issue is that my attendant doesn't use cell phones so I had to put it on my phone since the phone clock in system isn't working yet.  My son was in an ICF and came home with money follows the person.  Even though personal care and day support are much much cheaper than ICF services, the money has not actually followed him.  The state of VA should be ashamed at this lack of continuity of care and stop making decisions that  make it harder to hire an attendant.  My son's level of needs is already barrier enough.  Putting more barriers is a violation of his right to access services and his right to live in the community, in my opinion.  One more smaller issue. As EOR I can't see the  authorizations in consumer direct.  This information should be available in there.  

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