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Standards Established and Methods Used to Assure High Quality Care [12 VAC 30 ‑ 60]
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1/26/20  2:18 pm
Commenter: T. Thomason-parent

EVV-live-in exemption should be considered and passed!!

EVV as it stands is just one more obstacle that all caregivers must endure. Many of the current regulations, although a bit cumbersome, are understandable in purpose. Caregivers should be checked to make sure they meet basic qualifications in which the disabled population is not put at risk. I see EVV as an unnecessary step due to the facts that 1. the approved hours are never paid out over with the fail-safe that the F/EA's put in place and 2. a person's life does not always run on a regimented schedule-sometimes things happen.

I would dare to say that at least 95% of the caregivers already work over the approved hours so Medicaid is already "getting their money's worth" of the caregivers. Especially the caregivers that reside with the waiver recipients, the EVV is just one more thing to do/remember/abide by for the sake of Medicaid funds being considered for reduction.

  1. EVV takes time- many individuals with disabilities require the attention and hands on are of the attendant. With the CDCN app, the attendants have to type in names (even though the attendant/EOR/consumer are already identified), get signatures, sign at each shift, select start/stop, turn the app on/sign in/ then turn the location services off because the app keeps following many people wearing down batteries, etc.... Of course, this is when the app actually is working.
  2. EVV is disrespectful/dangerous- everyone is at risk for hacking and this is just one more possible door for individuals information/schedule/personal details to be invaded by others.
  3. EVV live-in exemption- this is a no-brainer. Family/live-in caregivers should not be signing in and out when they live with the individual. The waiver recipients and family members/live-in caregivers are "living their life". They are trying to provide care to keep their family members safe, clean, healthy, and happy. This should be considered as a right for the family to live their life, their way....without having to check in and out with an app. They have been successfully entering their times in through the web-portal for the general time they are with their family member. Again, they don't get paid more than the time they are authorized, but I promise they are working more than the authorized hours.


Maybe we can consider EVV for live-in if we raise the hourly rate to $25.00 an hour? Then, it might be more worth the time as that is what babysitters make these days-and they don't have to use an app? (Trying to hold the frustration back is not very easy).

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