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Guidance Document Change: Providing guidance to real estate appraisers and AMCs on the use of hybrid appraisals
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6/25/19  10:49 am
Commenter: Joy Smith


As a real estate appraiser and as a homeowner I respectfully ask that you consider all sides of this topic and the impact it will have on appraisers and homeowners. Please talk to appraisers that are in the field daily.  Hybrids are not the answer to the appraisal industry, allowing unlicensed, untrained people into a home is risky and betrays public trust. As a homeowner I don't want someone in my home that is not licensed and does not have the education and training that an appraiser has. Appraisers are the most educated and most reliable form of information regarding a home (good and bad), we are trained to see and look for updates and areas that are of concern. Why would you risk this kind of information just to save a few dollars?  We were put in place for a reason and to replace one of the most important part of the appraisal process (viewing the subject) and force appraisers to put a value on a property based on a few photos and whatever data we get from an unlicensed, untrained person is a recipe for disaster and a risk that can be avoided. In a society of quick and fast there are some areas that do not benefit from this, appraisals in one of them, just because it can be done does not always mean it should be done. The costs to do not out weight the benefits. We are all homeowners, do you want a random person with no education, no license, no liability, unknown background around your home, in your home, photographing your home, family, children etc. I would hope not. Hybrids are not the answer for the appraisal industry, talk to appraisers that are in the field daily and ask what is going on out there. 

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