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3/6/19  3:42 pm
Commenter: Teresa White, DeJarnette Lumber Company

Oppose the RGGI Rule as Written

On March 2nd, I notice that well over 100 people posted support for the RGGI initiative, but they appear to have all posted the same comment.  Was this a "copy and paste" incentive by one of those people who wrote the novelettes?  Do any of those people work in the industrial or private sectors of Virginia?  Do any of those people work? 

I do.  I work in an area of the forest products industry where I realize how important a healthy market for our residuals is.  I want to save the planet for future generations too, but I want to do it in a way that doesn't suffocate private industry and small business right now.  The forest products industry is vital to Virginia's economy.  These government emissions regulations, as written, will only squeeze the life out of small businesses and manufacturing facilities that depend on the use of biomass for energy production.  And to what end?  Where does all this cap and trade revenue go to?  Does it all go towards solving emissions problems in our State?  I don't think so.  

I see lots of opinions and facts and commentary from both sides both for and against the RGGI, but one thing I don't see a lot of, documentation on how much global warming and climate change has been improved so far in the states that have adopted the RGGI.  Seems like there's not much evidence out there that this initiative is improving our climate to the degree that RGGI would have us believe. 

The rule should be amended to exclude emissions from biomass!  Biomass should not be treated the same as  fossil fuels!