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Regulation for Emissions Trading [9 VAC 5 ‑ 140]
Action Reduce and Cap Carbon Dioxide from Fossil Fuel Fired Electric Power Generating Facilities (Rev. C17)
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3/4/19  11:22 am
Commenter: Freddy Boisseau

Strongly Opposed to RGGI

I am strongly opposed to RGGI.  Programs like this, while they sound good, because of the government inefficiencies and ineffective oversight, do little to solve the problem and increase the cost of energy to the  consumer.  I have read too many stories where carbon offset are bought from companies that already for their own self-interest, and those carbon offsets are greatly overstated, and the companies that are producing the carbon dioxide omission, do little to clean up their act.

These are just the technical issue with this type of plans.  In this case, there is also the issue of the Governor doing an end run around the Legislative branch.   Our General Assembly, the branch of government in Virginia that is closest to the people, voted to not participate in this program, expressing what they believe to be the will of the people.  Our Governor is not only vetoing that legislation but is putting his desire, and those of that control his party above their expressed desired vote.  To me, this is blatantly an assault on the republican form of government that we are guaranteed, but also blatantly undemocratic also.