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Department of Energy
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8/24/18  8:39 am
Commenter: Chris Witter

Support rooftop solar


 Dear Sir or Madame: 

I am writing to ask for your consideration in supporting legislation that strongly supports and incentivizes the use of rooftop solar for commercial and private use.   By doing so,  you will help to create technology jobs in the Commonwealth. You will strengthen Virginia’s rank among the states as a desirable place to reside, especially from the viewpoint of those people who are looking to live in an environmentally friendly manner.  You will help to foster further research into the use of solar not only locally but on a global scale.   And you will help to avoid the folly of other states such as Nevada who despite a never ending supply of sunshine and  wide open spaces, choose to make access very difficult by way of utilizing fees that discourage its use.  Thank you for your consideration of this request. You are in a position to continue the lineage of strong leaders and creative thinkers in Virginia depending on how you vote! 

Respectfully, Chris Witter

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