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Department of Energy
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8/23/18  8:09 am
Commenter: Elisabet Michaelsen

Virginia For Renewable Energy

The United States Government has decided to withdraw from the paris Climate agreement against the advice of many scientific and research based organizations and most other industrialized nations. Virginia is on the wrong path of it follows this directive. Instead we want Virginia to stand for 100 % renewable energy, where a good mix of solar, wind and other renewable sources of energy form the basis of our plan. Recycling of solid waste should also be incentivised. We need tax deductions for homeowners when they install solar energy elements. Manufacturing industries as well as retail companies should be rewarded for using renewable energy and contributing to its expansion. The coal industry should be phased out and its workers retrained and compensated for change. We need to limit the use of one-time plastic and reward consumers for curtailing its use.

Virginia needs to completely rethink the way energy is produced. No more pipelines. No fracking. We do not need it when there are other healthier and less intrusive alternatives. We need to go towards 100 % renewable energy to preserve our beautiful state.

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