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Department of Energy
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8/22/18  11:10 am
Commenter: Kay Patrick

Explore Renewable Energy Options

It is time to stop destroying our state with poor energy choices. While the rest of the world moves forward with new renewable technologies, Virginia remains bound to unsustainable energy production. Much of this is not motivated by efficiency but profit. We should be winding down dangerous NPPs, especially Surrey as water levels rise. These dangerous dinosaurs are ageing and surrounded with spent fuel canisters.that have no place to go, an accident waiting to happen.

I am totally disgusted by this whole pipeline push. What gas plants extant, the lines and fuel contracts are in place. There are no plans to build additional plants. We are allowing our energy overlords to destroy miles of pristine forest to deliver gas to an export market. How does destroying an ecosystem that creates O2 and filters rain into usable clean surface and groundwater benefit citizens of the Commonwealth? It doesn't. Poor stewardship such as this only creates the demand for additional energy use. Just stop already.

Power companies need to anticipate the growth of rooftop solar and wind generation into their design of grid systems. They also should allow off grid producers instead of fighting them. A large and wasteful system forces many to pay for lines and poles to hook up when that expense could cover most of a self contained system. So many new strategies available, but citizens are forced to play by the rules written by companies that profit from energy sales. This is not right. We need 21st century strategies not bound by energy companies that only seek profit, not sustainability or efficiency.

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