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8/21/18  1:39 pm
Commenter: William Van Velzer

Wind Turbines Inefficient, Wasteful of Taxpayers' Money and Destructive of Property Values

(1) Industry standards admit that actual output from wind turbines is anywhere from 15% to 30% of ciamed capacity. 

(2) The U.S. Dept. of Energy Information Agency tells us that while total federal subsidies for coal and naturas gas facilities remains under $1 for MWh (and produces over 40% of our energy needs), combined federal subsidies for wind turbines hovers aout $50 per MWh (and produces about 10% of our energy needs).

 (3) Energy rates in Europe's leading "windy" nations (Germany, Denmark, Holland, Great Britain, Spain and Portugal) are 25%-35% higher than rates in the United States. All of this differential is due to public financing of government subsidies necessary to keep electricity power generation rates "competitive" with naturla gas and "affordable" for the consumer. 

(4) Several studies (for example Ontario, Canada; Van Wert County, Ohio; Adams County, Illinois) present a proprty value loss of anywhere from 25% to nearly 60% due to the presence of wind turbine near homes or prominent in viewsheds. 

The general public is susceptible to wild claims from the wind turbine industry claiming significant "sustainable" job creation, less realiance on conventional power plants, and need to blunt climate change, and none of it is true--none of it. The wind turbine industry is yet another example of wealth re-distribution and backroom political deal-making. The only "green" the people in this industry care about is the green flowing into their pockets from taxpayers. Without the subsidies, there would be no wind turbine industry.  

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