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8/21/18  12:33 pm
Commenter: Marion Dullea, Sigora Solar

Rooftop Solar


I am employed by Sigora Solar in Charlottesville Virginia. Sigora is the largest provider of residential solar in the state of Virginia. By providing green energy to our customers, we are making a considerable investment into the furture of our community, improving air quality, lowering electric bills, and involving our neighbors in the effort to make more responsible choices for future generations. 

Sigora employs approximately 150 Virginians, and we are growing rapidly. Job creation is good for everyone, local/state/federal governments, individual tax payers, communities, etc. The inclusion of policies that support the growth of rooftop solar in this years Energy Plan for Virgina will help build the economy for everyone in addition to the obvious benefits of incorporating more renewable energy into our portfolio. 

One of the policies that is most crucial to our business is Net Metering. It is vital that this program continue to have your support. There are two sides to this issue, renewable energy companies and supporters, and utility companies. I implore you to come down on the side of green energy and a better, cleaner future. 

Builiding up our clean power infrastructure benefits all of us, there is no reason not to support rooftop solar and energy efficiency programs for all Virginians. The business of green energy is booming, and with your support will continue to do so. Please encourage the growth of this industry. These are the jobs that we want to bring to our community for all Virginians. Making the investment now is a step forward in a cleaner, healthier, and happier Virginia. 

Thank you,

Marion Dullea

1222 Harris Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903



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