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Department of Energy
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8/13/18  1:44 pm
Commenter: Darrel Garrett

Virginia Energy Plan

Virginia holds a beauty of her own.  The state features four seasons, mountains and wonderful colors just to name a few attractions.  I have hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, of course including the 550 miles within Virginia.  Texas is where I was born.  Schooling and work opportunities caused me to travel, but Virginia is now home.  With all of the wonderful elements here, the economy remains fair.  It has been proposed by our president that we explore more of our rich reserves through offshore drilling.  Please support our nation as we shoot for energy independence.

As a former BP Oil employee for 35 years, I have become very familiar with responsible energy production.  Now I have had the opportunity to retire and enjoy things like being active outdoors.  Working in the industry brings many benefits, especially good pay.  While Virginia is loaded with job opportunities in the service industry, the alternatives that offshore drilling work may bring could be enormous.  More jobs may also bring people to Virginia and stimulate the economy in a positive way.

America deserves to reap the benefits of the land.  Not only will the oil industry benefit if this project moves forward, but suppliers as well.  Through trial and error and commitment to safe procedures, I feel good about the process of drilling in the oceans to see what we have hiding there.  We can all agree that becoming independent and not relying on other countries for our resources only equals greatness.

Donald Trump has been a man of his word throughout his time in office.  Exploring the natural resources in our land is an excellent decision on his part.  Although many may oppose this endeavor, I truly believe that our country will benefit.  Stand with me as I support exploring the gifts that are within our nation. 

Darrel Garrett


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