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7/28/14  2:02 pm
Commenter: Jane Lord


I serve as an election officer at the polls.  I completey agree with the Photo ID Required for Voting, effective July 1, 2014 as published in the VA State Board of Elections handout with these 2 exceptions.  "(1) DMV-issued photo identification card & (2) Other government-issued photo identification card.  These should both be preceded by VALID as are the other required IDs.  It is time to require all voters in the state of Virginia to provide VALID (not EXPIRED) Photo IDs, with VALID addresses in order to vote.

All photo IDs and addresses need to be VALID, and issued by a VALID agency in Virginia and/or the USA, not by any agency and not by any other country.  This would ensure that everyone who votes is legally eligible to cast that vote.

In order to cash a check, use a credit card, fly on an airplane, cruise on a ship, buy liquor at an ABC store, enter the country, visit a military facitlity and countless other activites, I have to produce a VALID Photo ID with a VALID address on it.  Why should a person who wants to vote be required to produce less?

I have been handed many forms of photo ID at the polls.  Some expired, some with names and/or addresses that do not match the rolls; and even one credit card (Costco, American Express) because it had a photo of a voter on the back.  With the required VALID Photo and VALID Address IDs for voting this would not happen. 

In additon, in 2013 election, I received 2 absentee ballots which looked like official Virginina Board of Elections forms, for my children from some fraudulent organization identified by the state.  I sent those ballots to the attorney general's office because both of my children had moved to other states, registered, and been voters in those other states for several years.  This effort on the part of the organization to mislead and collect votes was indeed fraudulent.  

The right and privilege of being able to cast a vote for elected office should be available only to those who are legally eligible to cast that vote.  Requiring VALID Photo ID and VALID addresses for voting will make this a reality.

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