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7/16/14  3:52 pm
Commenter: Bruce Borko

Voter ID &

The Electorial Board does not need to overextend accommodations beyond what is standard practice in current society.  Can I board a plane with an expired ID- NO.  Can I enter a cell phone contract with an expired ID- NO.  Can I get a rapid tax refund loan, or a payday loan, or cash a check at a bank with an expired ID- NO.  There is a reason that certain IDs have an expiration date- they were meant to expire--- and meant to be renewed.  Why should people be expected to maintain current IDs in transacting the even most basic functions in today's society except for voting?  By having the most lax standards to vote, are we saying voting has less importance than getting a cell phone?

The exception to a expired ID for voting should be a US Passport.  Usually your citizenship doesnt expire.

Other IDs, if issued with an expiration date, need to be unexpired.  Perhaps at renewal, there are improvements to ensure integrity that the ID was issued to the proper person, and newer IDs have better security to prevent fraud.  It is not difficult to get a fraudlent state Driver's License or social security card.  How do we clear out the fraud, let newer and better security cards replace the older ones by the expiration date.  I know of several people using military ID cards from when they were in the military (long ago) that are long expired but still using them for store military discounts.  Before they got out of the military, they "lost" their ID and got a replacement.  This "lost ID" is now found and will be used where ever and whenever they can get benefit with an expired ID.  Can they get on a military base or airplane with it- NO.  And they should not be able to vote with it.

The Electorial Board should not overrule the issuing entity of an ID and accept an expired ID.  The expiration date was placed there for a reason.  If an election officer is too overwhelmed to check if an ID is expired, they probably shouldnt be working at the polls on election day.  How would we defend to the voting public that we accept expired IDs when you cant use that same ID for ANY other purpose [except to vote]?

I have been working the polls for over 10 years and have never found even one person to poor or without resourses to have a current ID.  Can you imagine me trying to purchase something with an expired credit card?  How about me making a claim on an expired insurance policy?  Cashing a check with an expired ID, not going to happen.

Keep integrity in the voting process by requiring valid, unexpired IDs. 

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