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3/29/13  10:30 pm
Commenter: Russell R. Ross

TRAP Issue

The TRAP controversy is an issue that should vex neither the religious right nor the irreligious left.  It is rather an issue that concerns the health and welfare of women who choose to patronize an abortion clinic.  These women have the right to expect that the clinic they visit will adhere to standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and the state should insure that the clinics meet these requirements.  

Institutions serving the public -- hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, even McDonalds and Taco Bell are required to meet health and hygiene standards, comply with appropriate regulations, and undergo periodic insure compliance for the sake of public safety.  Why should things be difference for abortion clinics?  This is not a matter of religious dogma.  It is a matter of a state responsibility to safeguard the health of its citizens

If the welfare of the pregnant women is to be paramount in an abortion, then abortions must be kept safe and performed in a medically sanitary and hygienic environment.  This requires periodic inspection (and licensure) by the state.   Permitting unlicensed, uncertified, unmonitored and uninspected clinics to perform abortive procedures means a return to back-alley abortions which the pro-choice lobby has resolutely fought to prevent..

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