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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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3/29/13  7:27 pm
Commenter: Lang Lloveras

It Is Time for the Virginia Board of Health to Stop Aiding and Abetting the Republican War on Women

When the law ceases to protect, it becomes, in and of itself, an abuse.  It is painfully obvious that those people who call themselves "pro-life" are only in favor of the life of a fetus in utero, because they also favor destroying programs like WIC which, by providing supplemental nutrition to fetuses, mothers and children up to the age of four when the brain develops, prevent retardation and save the government 8 dollars for every dollar spent.  And they do not favor exceptions to their abortion ban to save the life or health of the woman, ergo, they prefer to sacrifice the woman's life, even if she has other children who will be left motherless, even if her fetus in utero has no chance of surviving anyway, even if her baby would be born crippled, severely ill, or unable to survive beyond a few months or years of agony.  This reminds one of the medieval witch hunts, at the beginning of which the priest in charge of the program at the Vatican freely admitted that they knew that the herb women of the forest were not in league with Satan.  Why then did they have to be persecuted, tortured and burned at the stake?  The "reason given was that they knew how to alleviate the pain of childbirth, and "the Daughters of Eve had to be made to suffer!" This is the degree of barbarity now being espoused by public officials in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Please do not allow yourselves to be made a party to such blatant retrogression!

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