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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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3/29/13  3:15 pm
Commenter: Bethany

TRAP laws

Abortion is a tricky topic. It's a legal procedure that is an important part of women's reproductive health. Not everyone agrees with it and this is ok, because not everyone has to do it. It is an individual choice taken by a woman who finds herself in an unimaginable situation that forces her to change the course of her life - it's probably something she thought she would never be forced to think about, but life has a way of restructuring the paths we are to walk down. Pregnancy is just one of these and abortion is one of the options that a woman (or girl) has for her when faced with a huge life changing decision. Virginia is, in a way, very lucky in that there are mutliple providers throughout the state. Safe, clean, law-abiding clinics and hospitals that truly care about their patients and offer services beyond what law-makers can imagine. Yet, this isn't good enough for those who feel that abortion should be a highly restrictive or an out-lawed procedure. Instead, they wish to implement the 'TRAP laws.' Laws designed to make women seeking abortions feeling more attacked and cornered than ever before. Making it harder to obtain a reproductive right. Enabling someone to enforce their individual morals/beliefs upon an entire population through a suppression of reproductive RIGHTS and the accessability of abortion to Virginian woman. I've worked with women who have faced this suppression. I've attended funerals of women who shoved a wire hanger up inside of them and through their uterine wall or downed a bottle of bleach because of restrictive abortion laws that made access to safe reproductive health care nonexistent or affordable. I've watched women needlessly die, because someone else decided that their morals were more righteous than those of a woman seeking an abortion. Additionally, by allowing medical records to be taken off site to be reveiwed, you are allowing medical ethics to be broken. HIPAA to be violated and more women to be distrustful of the state of Virginia. Protect women's health. Save women's health centers. Don't restrict safe, legal procedures such as abortions anymore. Don't make backalley abortions common anymore. And don't force me to attend any more funerals. 

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