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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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3/29/13  9:11 am
Commenter: D. Neiman

Learn from Texas
Why are you still waging war on women????? Look and learn from the Texas debacle.
In its efforts to close down Planned Parenthood, and while continuing to promulgate the lies that its main purpose is abortion, Texas is in the position of having to find $20m+ from its own coffers to continue to finance contraception and other services for women's health such as pre-natal care, routine health screenings and cancer care this year alone.
Next year, the extra money they will have to find jumps to over $60m because of the cost of all the unplanned pregnancies and children born with health conditions that are a result of inadequate pre-natal care etc.
By the the third year, the extra money is expected to jump to over $100m when all the other conditions, such as breast lumps that could and should have been diagnosed and treated 2 years earlier will become a major problem leading to much more costly treatments, chemotherapies and radiations, abnormal paps now needing major surgery etc

With its overriding obsession with abortion, the Virginia Assembly is about to put itself in the same position as Texas by trying to deny women adequate health care services without having any real understanding of exactly what they are interfering with, because their decision is political, not medical.
You continue to advocate that you want the government out of people's lives, yet continue to interfer more and more in women's bodies. What total hypocrisy.
Is Virginia prepared to pay this price financially for an obsession pushed by a fanatical fringe of your party? Are the Republicans prepared for greater polarisation to their detriment and loss of the public's confidence in the ability of them to govern in any balanced and rational way?

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