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3/11/13  11:32 am
Commenter: Terri Buchanan Harley

Affordable Public Health and Women's Healthcare Needs

To Whom It May Concern:

I had the unfortunate and perspective altering experience of going from 3 to 4% of wealth to destitution.  As a former victim of domestic abuse, the police escorted me from my home for my safety.  At that moment, I lost what was my share of over a million dollars in assets.  

My ex interfered with my ability to work, so I lost my health insurance with my job and my home.  Ultimately, I went into hiding to escape continued abuse and harassment.  I was forced into relying on public healthcare and state and private assistance to survive.

When the government interferes with these necessary systems because of a dogmatic political agenda, everyone loses.  My family came to Virginia in the 17th century, and with the transvaginal decision, I experienced my first shame at being a Virginian.  I continue to be horrified by the state's current politic climate, driven primarily by an antiquated, gender biased patriarchal group that will undoubtedly change in the next election cycle.  

Richmond is slowly losing its grip on Virginia, and it's because of such nonsense as pretending that clinics only provide abortions.  Clinics provide necessary preventative healthcare affordable to those women who would otherwise do without.

I cannot attend the meeting in Rose Hill because my abuser lives nearby, and I rarely go to that area of Fairfax any longer.  But those individuals, male or female, who seek to interfere with women's healthcare in Virginia must be stopped.  Do not permit Cucinelli et al to apply unduly burdensome restrictions to clinics in order to apply a moral and religious agenda to women's healthcare.  

Terri Buchanan Harley

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