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Comment Period Ends 3/29/2013
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2/25/13  12:44 pm
Commenter: Milly Breeden

I am a Christian, so why am I sticking my neck out for these clinics?

I am a Christian and God told us to take care of the poor,  “the least among us”.  And by closing these clinics you are attacking the poor, “the least among us”.  If I sat back and said nothing I would be an accessory to a crime before God against the poor by denying “the least among us” safe access to healthcare.


I have had so many people come up to me and thank me for standing up, including the wife of a local preacher in Guntersville. They tell me they are not able to stand up openly, but they can do it in the privacy of a voting booth and are planning to in 2014.


I represent thousands of men and women who, until last year lived their lives calling ourselves “Christian Conservative Republicans”.   I know there will be even more support in the future when others realize the truth about what is being proposed.  To attack the “least among us”.


Women that seek treatment at the clinics, don’t have health insurance like you and I do.  And the majority of them are NOT even there for an abortion, but for treatment of other concerns facing a woman like preventing cancer, affordable access to birth control and treatment for STD’s.  The clinics are the only solution for “the least among us”.


I hear people say over and over, “don't have children if you can't afford or want to raise them” or “she decided when she decided to have sex".  They are the same people who are against abortion.  


Nobody wants to have an abortion.  And there is NOBODY that is so-called “Pro-Abortion”. 


Do you really want teen suicide to go up?  Because they are only one example of “the least among us”.


Why do you feel the need to SHAME women?  I hate that people shame the woman. Do they not realize a man had sex too?  Would things be different if the man got pregnant?  


Women have put thought and tears into this decision.  Someone yelling at them, praying out loud, throwing things in the car window or proposing a bill like TRAP is not going to change anything


Not all of the women have found themselves in a hopeless situation.  Some are there because of medical reasons.  They don’t have insurance and the clinic is the first step in saving the life of “the least among us”.


I have held the women who have no insurance, found out they had cancer and must have an abortion in order to LIVE and take care of the children they already have. 


Or, they were wanting to have a baby and found out the fetus is dead and they will die too if it is not removed from the body before it turns septic.  They have no insurance and they are “the least among us”.


This bill is disguised to look like you are looking out for the health and safety of women, but we all know that is not the case.  If it were, these same laws would be proposed for all medical procedures including having your wisdom teeth cut out where you are actually “put to sleep” in a dentist office.


Many don't realize how expensive birth control can be and just the simple act of going to the doctor.  Why would we want to close down the very option “the least among us” have for PREVENTING an abortion in the first place?


And don’t fool yourself into thinking this will stop abortions.  It will NOT stop abortions.  It will only stop the safe environment for having abortions for “the least among us” and women will once again die.


This bill has been named “TRAP”.  When I first saw that, I thought how very appropriate for a bill that will once again TRAP a woman into risking her life, a woman who is “the least among us”.

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