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1/28/13  9:16 pm
Commenter: Diane Spinelli

The Purpose of Abortion

Abortion is surgery to remove and hopefully eliminate a baby mammal of the human species from inside her mother's womb.  Those of us presently living outside our mother's womb looked like that mammal fetus when we were her age. 

Veterinary clinics have regulations for the care of pregnant dogs and their little ones within...only if they're "wanted".  If not, they still have strict medical safety regulations for the spaying of a bitch, and including if a puppy is the living product of a failed abortion, blob of tissue that he is, humane as it may be to kill and dispose of him.  "Every puppy, a wanted puppy"--kill the ones you don't want.   Though canine pregnancy lasts 2 months, vets usually spay only in the 1st month.   I suppose the 2nd month would be a late-term abortion and too physically complicated and emotionally stressful for the bitch.  Even “the (spontaneous) loss of a litter of puppies is devastating for both the bitch and her owner”,  says one vet.  It is not even recommended that dogs use artificial means to prevent pregnancy.

Shouldn't we have ultra safe medical regulations for the care of the pregnant human mammal and the nursling within?   Could we encourage, support, respect, and help the woman in need instead of wishing the "problem" creature, made in her image and likeness, to just go away? There is help out there.  Her baby is probably the one priceless thing in her life worth the struggle of bearing.  She may not be able to rear her child, but it is certain some couple wants to rear her child.  The decision of whether to have a baby or not is made before conception, not afterward.   Afterward, the miracle of creature life has already occurred...the only way to get rid of her is to do something ecologically unsound, really inhumane, unnatural, unethical and indecent—to brutally murder innocent human life.  Can you live with that?  If not, google Project Rachel.

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