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3/22/23  7:34 pm
Commenter: Anonymous

Stand with our Disabled Children -- Allow Parents to be Paid as Caregivers

I am writing this out of desperation, but please, please, please continue to allow parents to be paid as caregivers for their disabled children. My son is 6 years old and this has truly changed his life. He has such an aversion to anyone besides his parents. It gives him such anxiety to have a babysitter come over for even an hour. We prep for such things for DAYS. To have another caregiver come in is just not feasible for him and it will cause him so much stress. Not to mention, the pay rate for these caregivers is so low, it is hard to have consistency and quality care. If my son ever did get used to another caregiver, they would likely leave to find better paid work (understandable), and just increase his trauma. Us parents want to care for our children. We do not care about the pay rate. This just simply allows us to live semi normal lives and provide for our families. Please, if you are reading this and you have a heart, please consider what this is doing for thousands and thousands of people.

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