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9/16/22  3:13 pm
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Need more nuclear energy, not solar fields

The electrical grid needs a constant steady stream of electricity to maintain it. Solar can’t do this at night or in rain or snow. Turbines need enough wind. Only nuclear or fossil fuels can provide energy 24 hrs in all weather. Solar and wind require an additional energy source to keep the grid stable. Dual systems are expensive and a poor investment.

Fires are a real danger with solar fields. Solar panels and inverters cannot be turned off. Firefighters have to try to fight fires outside of solar fields. Sources of fires from solar fields are electrical shorts, lightning and high voltage power lines in windy conditions blowing lines together with arcing sending a shower of sparks to the ground. California has had many fires from these events which have led to loss of structures and life.

There are not nearly enough solar panel recycling centers in the world to recycle the existing solar panels. 

Please plan for more nuclear energy.

Thank you.

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