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Guidance Document Change: The guidance document "Model Policies Concerning Instructional Materials with Sexually Explicit Content" was developed in conjunction with stakeholders in order to comply with SB656 (2022).
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7/13/22  10:40 am
Commenter: Parent / Grandparent

TEACH the children

I am not sure why this bill is nescessary, as there should not be ANY sexual content in our schools that is not approved or denied by parent or guardians. It should not be their Math problems, English assignments or the Libraries. Some of the schools boards in our state have proven that their moral standards are not equal to parents and are not to be trusted. This should not be a political issue, our children are not pawns of the state. Natural changes of the body are taught in 5th or 6th grades, which seems appropriate to the maturity level. This should not include the LGBT++ as this should be disscussed in the home with a parent or guardian that understands the childs level of understanding. Our children should not be taught to revere or hate someone based on their skin color, as this breeds discourse in our country. Our constitution states all men are equal and this should be promoted in all grade levels. Each individual will find that there is good and bad in all race and religion as they grow and interact in our society. We need to return to the standard that our schools are to teach math, english, grammar, writing and civics. Period

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