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3/8/22  8:05 am
Commenter: Stephanie R Amoroso

Mask mandates in the workplace

All but properly worn N95 masks fail to filter COVID through ordinary breathing.  It was known in the scientific literature in mid-2020 that cloth or paper masks never protected anyone, just as lobotomies were not the magical cure for mental illness in the 1940s and 1950s but were brutal, dehumanizing procedures that destroyed lives.  Yet, the pioneer of lobotomies won a Nobel Prize by peers of "experts".  Sound familiar?  You should not wait  25 years to stop a practice that never halted the spread of COVID but yielded masses of adult hypochondiacs who lack any ability to assess risk.  Urging people to lead healthier lives by eating less would have been far more effective than masks at keeping people out of the hospital. Remove the mask and all other mandates that infringe on civil liberties.  It's time to accept that  people are responsible for their own health, or lack thereof. 

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