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2/28/22  11:11 am
Commenter: Anonymous

Stop mask mandates for state employees.

When Covid started, state agencies were quick to implement mask mandates.  In fact after Governor Northam signed his executive order (EO) mandating masks in state offices and workplaces, state agencies were tripping over themselves to mandate it.  Yes, at the time this was the right thing to do.  

Now that Governor Younkin has signed an EO removing mandated masks and encouraging vaccines, the state and its agencies are dragging their feet to remove masks.  Government is always great at implementing policy to disallow something, but never quit to re-allow it.  

If the state can implement something so quick and on the fly, we should just as easily be able to remove it.  Don't pick and choose which governor and which EO you want to agree with and which one you don't.  They are both valid.

Now we have schools not wearing masks, the rest of the public not mandating masks, yet state employees still have mask mandates.  It's time to move on...

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