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Description of Proposed Guidance Document Changes
Background on the WISA Manual Changes: This WISA Manual provides information about and requirements for the WISA contracted programs and billable services, vocational rehabilitation (VR) counselor procedures, and samples of forms for WISAs and VR counselors. When a client receives SSI and/or SSDI and returns to work, SSA requires them to complete a Work Activity Report. This report is used to document how much a client is earning, how many hours they are working, and whether work incentives apply. Many WISA providers have identified a service gap; they have clients asking them for assistance with completing these reports, but it is not currently a billable WISA service. WISA providers are investing time and resources into helping clients complete these reports, however, they cannot currently bill for their time. These changes would add this to the list of reimbursable services. The changes to the WISA Manual include: • Title Page: Updated to current date. • Page 4: Added “Work Activity Report” to WISA billable services list. • Page 19: Added the service description, procedure code, and fee for the newly added “Work Activity Report” to the WISA billable services list.
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6494 Work Incentives Specialist Advocate (WISA) Manual pdf Document     pdf Proposed Document Posted with original changes on 04/11/2024
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Charlotte Arbogast
Senior Policy Analyst/Regulatory Coordinator
8004 Franklin Farms Drive
ORM Review
ORM Approved (2/13/2024)
pdf ORM Economic Review Form     posted: 2/8/2024         submitted to ORM: 2/8/2024
The Virginia Register

Publication Date: 3/11/2024    Volume: 40  Issue: 15
The public comment period began upon publication and lasted for 30 days. It ended on 4/10/2024.
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Effective Date:  4/11/2024   
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