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Small Solar Renewable Energy Projects Permit Regulation [9 VAC 15 ‑ 60]
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Public Petition for Rulemaking: Endless Caverns North Project/Endless Caverns South Project, Notice of Deficiencies, Request for Permanent Cancellation of PBR, and Petition to Amend DEQ Regulations under the APA

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CLOSED     Opened on 1/2/2023 and Ended on 1/23/2023

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Based on public comment and staff analysis, the Director denied the petition for rulemaking for the following reasons:


1. The petition arrived during an active rulemaking to amend the Solar PBR, and it is during that rulemaking that the concerns of the petitioner may be addressed as appropriate.


2. All entities conducting business in the Commonwealth of Virginia must be registered with the Virginia State Corporatio ...... expand note

note created: 04/11/2023 at 4:27pm

Comment Title Commenter
Energex is detrimental to the enviroment Brian and Michelle Turner  1/23/23  10:42 pm
Change NOI Brenda Sessor  1/23/23  9:31 pm
Question about Bats/Brook Floaters Joni S Lam  1/23/23  9:01 pm
Obvious Stormwater Issues Chesapeake Bay Watershed Concerned Member  1/23/23  6:20 pm
Against Farmland Use Roy Kipps  1/23/23  5:45 pm
Solar impact David Jenkins  1/23/23  5:26 pm
increased access to information results in better informed local decisions Kate Wofford  1/23/23  5:07 pm
Caden Energix Endless Caverns solar Tommie Martz  1/23/23  4:03 pm
We do not need River Trail or any other project from Energix DEQ violators Eugenio Burgaleta III  1/23/23  2:07 pm
Disruption of the Shenandoah Valley Mike Stewart, Endless Caverns  1/23/23  10:51 am
Worried about the wildlife impacted by the caden energix endless caverns north and south project Frances Jones  1/23/23  9:58 am
Endless Caverns North Project/Endless Caverns South Project -- Request for Denial of PBR Application Robert Boisture and Mary Margaret Pipkin  1/23/23  9:50 am
Solar project on Hebron Greg Sudholt  1/23/23  8:48 am
Caden energix endless caverns north and south project is just way too large Stevie Jones  1/23/23  12:43 am
Amend NOI Scott Flood  1/22/23  11:57 pm
Too many questions still exist WFO Inc.  1/22/23  8:54 pm
Stop Caden Energix Endless Caverns comment Greta & Randy Miller  1/22/23  4:32 pm
Our Concerns over Energix Endless Caverns (both projects) Dennis & Belva Higgs  1/22/23  3:32 pm
Hell NO to this Energix Abomination Ralph Nader  1/17/23  10:22 pm
NO TO ENERGIX Concerned Voter  1/17/23  10:20 pm
Recommendation on proposed PBR regulation changes Matthew Meares  1/17/23  11:45 am
No to Energix Mary Hodge  1/16/23  1:53 pm
Caden Energix Environmental Violations Robert & Sandra Goodman  1/15/23  3:57 pm
Care about the environment Anonymous (207863)  1/10/23  8:50 pm
DEQ must change NOI regulations to ensure fairness and transparency Virginia Coalition for Human Rights  1/10/23  9:32 am
Energix Must Not Disrupt Nature's Plan Paul Murphy, Ph.D.  1/9/23  10:00 am
We don't need violators of international law and local environmental regulations in Virginia Katherine Metres Akbar, Person2Person International  1/7/23  12:50 pm
Energix deception regarding proposed River Trail project Eugenio Burgaleta  1/6/23  1:35 pm
Deception by Energix kenneth a jemielity  1/5/23  10:28 am
Public concerns Cody Miller  1/4/23  8:08 pm
Environmental Concerns Regarding Caden Energix Jeff and Charity Derrow  1/3/23  9:22 pm
Negative Impacts Duane Lam  1/3/23  8:18 pm
No to solar companies who abuse DEQ rules Joni Lam and Rockingham County Citizens for Responsible Solar  1/3/23  3:07 pm

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