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Proposed Regulation on Voter Photo Identification Document
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CLOSED     Opened on 4/21/2014 and Ended on 5/12/2014

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Virginia Voter Photo ID Law, Comment Cate Partain, private citizen  5/12/14  11:59 pm
Photo ID Lois Page  5/12/14  9:23 pm
Voter ID Sammie Moshenberg  5/12/14  8:27 pm
Expired drivers licenses as voter ID catherine allport  5/12/14  8:06 pm
voter id vickie Williams, opn door communications  5/12/14  7:47 pm
Voter Photo ID Rona Ackerman  5/12/14  7:41 pm
Make it easy for people to vote! Dewita Soeharjono, Democratic Asian Americans of Va.  5/12/14  7:25 pm
Voter ID Linda Brooks  5/12/14  7:16 pm
Article 1 and Article 6 RecoveryProgramsSolutions of Virginia.  5/12/14  7:00 pm
Comment on Virginia Photo ID Implementation Arusha Gordon, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law  5/12/14  6:17 pm
Voter photo ID Carol Weber, private citizen  5/12/14  5:58 pm
Photo ID Comments Marilyn Karp  5/12/14  5:03 pm
Photo ID from any location S. Redford, Registrar's Office  5/12/14  4:51 pm
Photo ID Susan L. Mickens, GR - King William County  5/12/14  4:15 pm
Photo ID procedures Barb Worthen  5/12/14  3:57 pm
Photo ID Susan L. Mickens, GR King William County  5/12/14  3:54 pm
Providing Photo ID to registered voters Martha Packett, General Registrar-Richmond County  5/12/14  3:49 pm
Advancement Project Comments on Proposed Voter ID Regulations Marian Schneider, Senior Attorney, Advancement Project  5/12/14  3:19 pm
Volunteers/Outside Venues Patricia Brendel, Manassas Park Voter Registration  5/12/14  3:13 pm
Voter ID Paul Amrhein  5/12/14  3:10 pm
Voter ID Proposed Regs Jane Pacelli  5/12/14  2:57 pm
Voter Photo ID Alex Ables, General Registrar, County of Fauquier  5/12/14  2:56 pm
Voter ID regulation comment Walter T. Latham, Jr., York County General Registrar  5/12/14  2:40 pm
Proposed Regulation on Voter Photo Identification Document--Voter Registration [1 VAC 20 ? 40] Social Action Linking Together  5/12/14  2:05 pm
Procedure formObtaining Voter ID Deborah Brooks, LWV of the Charlottesville Area  5/12/14  1:39 pm
Voter Photo ID Form Sherry Zachry  5/12/14  11:45 am
Voter Photo ID Phyllis Turk  5/11/14  7:09 pm
Photo IDs Judith Smith  5/11/14  11:38 am
Photo ID regulations Carol Noggle  5/11/14  9:54 am
Photo ID Requirements Julia A. Jones, League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area  5/10/14  8:05 pm
Voter Photo ID Regulations/Process Elaine Head  5/10/14  5:10 pm
voter id ann mcbroom  5/10/14  2:53 pm
Requirement for Photo ID Lawrence Bernath  5/10/14  7:39 am
voter restriction Margaret Breslau  5/10/14  12:03 am
Comment on Proposed ID Regulation Courtney Mills, Fair Elections Legal Network  5/9/14  5:55 pm
Proposed regulations regarding photo ID Tram Nguyen, Virginia New Majority  5/8/14  8:12 pm
Comment Re: Proposed Regulation on Voter Photo Identification Document Hope Amezquita, ACLU of Virginia  5/8/14  3:37 pm
Obtaining Photo IDs Jessie Barringer  5/8/14  10:58 am
Photo ID Candace Graham, Secretary, Chesterfield County Democratic Committee  5/8/14  10:09 am
New Voter ID law Julie Emery  5/8/14  7:23 am
Make common sense modifications to engage the community Cindy Brookshire  5/8/14  7:22 am
no photo id requirement for voting sandra knodel, lynchburg league of woman voters  5/8/14  6:54 am
Photo ID for Voting Not Needed for Absentee Ballots Michele Milden Wiener-League of Women Voters and AAUW  5/8/14  2:06 am
Regulations: Voter photo identification cards Therese Martin, Voter Advocacy Coordinator, League of Women Voters of VA  5/7/14  10:45 pm
Production of Photo Voter ID for Voters Outside Locality Renee B. Andrews; Chair, Falls Church Electoral Board; Treasurer, VEBA  5/6/14  2:45 pm
SBE Proposed Regulations for Photo IDs Dirk Brouwer, Secretary, City of Fairfax Electoral Board  5/1/14  12:26 pm
PHOTO IDs - UNJUST AND SCURRILOUS David H McClanahan, MA,MTS,BCC  4/30/14  11:09 am
Photo ID STEPHANIE ILES, Norfolk Office of Elections  4/29/14  5:39 pm
Photo ID Processing at other Localities Teri Smithson, Hanover Co. General Registrar  4/29/14  5:14 pm
Compensation. David Bjerke, General Registrar of Voters for the City of Falls Church, VA  4/29/14  4:47 pm
Voter Photo ID Rick Miller, Voter Registrar, Frederick County, VA  4/29/14  3:50 pm

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