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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
Revised 7/23/2019

Public Comment Policy

Comment forums are designed to facilitate public participation in the process of developing state regulations. These comment forums are monitored by the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB).

DPB will flag and hide from public view all comments that:

DPB will not edit a comment to remove objectionable content, so please ensure that your comment contains none of the above. Comments are visible to internet search engines and will be displayed as the result of any relevant searches.

While a comment may be removed from public view, the fact that it was hidden is noted at the bottom of the relevant public comment forum page. Further, a hidden comment continues to be visible to the agency regulatory coordinator, remains a part of the public record, and cannot be deleted. Additionally, if DPB notices that a comment appears to have been posted in the wrong forum, DPB will move that comment to the correct forum in consultation with the affected agency regulatory coordinators.

Links to other websites:

Use of active links or other HTML is not permitted on the Town Hall. If you include a link in your comment, it will be disabled. If you wish to include a reference to a non-commercial website that is directly related to the regulation, please insert the full URL into the text of your comment.


Links like this are permitted: For more information on public comment forums and policies, visit

Active links like this are not permitted: For more information on public comment forums visit our Comment Forums page.

If you notice an objectionable comment, please Contact DPB.