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Virginia Regulatory Town Hall

Actions with multiple chapters

When your regulatory action will affect more than one regulation, you will need to decide which regulation is your primary chapter. This designation has no legal implications; it merely helps you determine the most appropriate place to create the new action on the Town Hall.

The primary chapter is the main focus of the regulatory action, e.g., it is a new regulation which will replace the existing regulation, or it is the regulation driving the changes in the other regulations. If there is no focus, you can choose which chapter will be your primary chapter.

Once, the primary chapter is determined, navigate to that chapter on the Town Hall and click on the Actions tab and use the "Start a new action" link to create your action.

Showing that your action affects other chapters

One of the questions on the create/edit action screen asks "In addition to this chapter, will your action affect other chapters?" Click on Yes and then use the Select button to identify all the other chapters that will be affected.