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Mandate 387

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Authority to issue and enforce permits, etc. related to air and water pollution (Air- general administration)
Purpose of legislation
Establishes a uniform permit issuance process for the Air Pollution Control Board (Air Board) and the State Water Control Board (Water Board). After issuing a public notice of a pending permit action, if at least 25 individuals have requested a public hearing and the Director finds that the issues raised are germane to the permit action and are not inconsistent with state or federal laws, a public hearing will be held. The Director or the two Boards may convene a meeting under an expedited schedule to reconsider the decision of the Director to grant a public hearing. The meeting may be held electronically if one public forum is available. The Board is required to act on the permit within 90 days of the close of the comment period unless the applicant agrees to an extension of the time period. Persons who commented during the public hearing may address the Air and Water Boards at the meeting where final action on the permit will occur. The Board's decision shall contain a written basis for its decision.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 557 (2008)
Chap 276 (2008)
VAC chapters to be amended
9 vac 5 - 80 : Permits for Stationary Sources
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 2884: Permit Actions Before the Board (Rev. G08)
Latest Stage: Final
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