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Mandate 101

Mandate Information
Mandate Title:
Christmas Tree Fire Safety
Purpose of legislation
To require the Board of Housing and Community Development to promulgate regulations to permit the use of natural cut Christmas trees in places of worship and apartment dwelling units that do not have an approved automatic sprinkler system. The Board is directed to meet with knowledgable fire safety and building regulatory personnel to assure the placement of such trees in these units is done in a safe manner. Legislators spoke of the need to have this regulation in place for the 2004 Christmas season. Consequently, the Board is adopting this as an emergency regulation. Provisions to accomplish this are also included in regulations to be proposed by the Board this year and to become effective during 2005.
Legislation mandating a change Chap 138 (2004)
VAC chapters to be amended
13 vac 5 - 51 : Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code
Associated Regulatory Actions
Action 1478: Amend and update Statewide Fire Prevention Code regulation
Latest Stage: Final
Action 1512: Statewide Fire Prevention Code emergency regulation on natural cut Christmas tree placement.
Latest Stage: Emergency
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