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Regulations Governing Local School Boards and School Divisions [8 VAC 20 ‑ 720]
Action Incorporate provisions on fees and charges as new section of 8VAC 20-720
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6/1/10  9:36 pm
Commenter: John E. Whitfield

Don't Exclude Poor Children from School Classes and Activities by Imposing Fees

The proposed regulations are a major step in finally correcting the problem that too many school systems have imposed fees on classes and activities that children in low income families cannot afford to pay. While our Virginia Constitution guarantees a free public education, and the Virginia Code provides for free text books, low income children in many school districts have been excluded from classes and activities because they couldn't afford to pay the local school system's fees.

The proposed regulations need some refinement to fully actualize the promise of the Virginia Constitution of a free public education. First, the regulations should explicitly require local school systems to provide clear, conspicuous written notice that they can apply for a fee waiver, including directions as to how to do so, each time a fee is charged. Second, fee waivers should be made available for all activities, whether mandatory, elective, or optional. No student should be excluded from a school educational activity because of an inability to pay. FInally, the regulations should explicitly prohibit school systems from withholding class schedules or excluding students from basic educational functions such as graduation ceremonies or field trips for non-payment of fees. Teachers should not forced to be debt collectors for their students. With these changes, the proposed regulations will be a powerful force for making a truly free public education a reality for our low-income students.

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6/3/10  10:39 am
Commenter: George Smith

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All children need a fair chance of an education, no matter what income level, background, or anything else for that matter. By limiting what children can do based on income is ubsurd! This is our future, the people that will be running the country in the not so distant future. One of these "low income youth's" may become president someday.






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6/12/10  12:07 am
Commenter: John @ Lymphedema Cure

Great Information!

Thank you for this information! I guess more actions like this should be taken, since it helps to improve the way things should work! This is the first time in im this website, because just recently I took knowledge of its existance, but I guess that I should come here more often and take care of my own civic duties and stay informed.
Congrats to what you are doing.


John Liger
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6/27/10  10:56 am
Commenter: Akash Joy

To learn more about.....


Just registered and looking forward to learn more about this forum. Thanks.

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7/2/10  4:42 am
Commenter: Garrett brown

Regulation governing local schools boards and school Division

This will be a right decision that govt has taken to regularise the schools for not excluding low imcome group students for extra activities in the school. The deserving low income group students in this way will get a chance to go ahead.

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7/23/10  10:29 pm
Commenter: Ken Nicely

Allow schools to charge reasonable fees

Virginia students are entitled to a free public education. Nonetheless, schools should be permitted to charge reasonable fees for specific items such as art supplies if a student chooses to take art class. If a parent is asked to pay a fee, the school should be required to inform the parent the specific purpose of the fee and the fee should be just enough to cover the actual cost of supplies. Parents should be allowed to request a hardship waiver of all fees. The bottom line is that quality education has a cost and citizens should be prepared to fully fund the cost of quality education.

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