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Regulations Relating to Bail Enforcement Agents [6 VAC 20 ‑ 260]
Action Regulations Relating to Bail Enforcement Agents
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12/26/08  8:46 pm
Commenter: James Darrington, Nightsweep Fugitive Investigations

Bail Enforcement Proposed Regulations

I am in agreement with the current emergency regulations and the Proposed Regulations and feel that they should be put through as is. Any further changes should be screened vigorously and limited to expanding on what exists rather than any reduction. Thanks.

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2/9/09  8:57 pm
Commenter: Vince Rera


www.gladiatorbailbonds.comJust as well-as a VA DCJS licensed Surety Bail Agent, I would rather keep Bail Enforcement in house. Meaning, I specialize in performing fugitive recovery for other like Bailbondsman and they would rather have it just so. Other Bailbondsman like myself prefer the professionalism of doing business with one another in this capacity for these reason's, we as bailbondsman as per DCJS regulations are responsible and liable for the actions of people that we employ, being so, I don't need recovery horror stories or negative connotations coming back to haunt or dis-credit my business that I have worked so hard to establish as honorable and professional. Second ,the level of understanding as to the potential ramifications of executing a recovery and utlilizing BEA's between bailbondsman is understood. Third ,I and most other bail agent's shore up our bonds with beaucoop collateral, defendant -co-signer information and bond indemnitor's, that I myself never need a BEA and if I do, I trust myself in the way I write a bailbond and the ability to recover without a doubt.  And last but not least, no offense, but after 20 year's of college education, training and field expierience in criminal justice, frankly, I have no use for BEA's!! If a bail agent needs a BEA that means he wrote what we call in the industry, a premium in mind junk bond ,and in these tough economic times we bail agents can't afford to let that happen-my policy is zero paid forefitures, it cannot happen!! Bottom line, if a bail agent needs to pay a BEA, we have lost the equivilent of the bond premium.   

Once I receive a 45 day time limit show cause for a FTA bailee, I immediately close hard on the Indemnitor's collateral I have taken, be it  tangible property in the form of diamond's watch's, gold teeth, you name it ,to cover my recovery effort's. And as a part of my bond, every client understands that if the bailee so much as sneeze's wrong before their scheduled court date they know that I won't wait or give them a chance to manifest intent to forfeit my bond ,I will Bailpiece/Surety Capias revocate and surrender their ass so fast they won't know what hit them!!

BEA's should also be listed by name and inclusive of their respective DCJS issued license number on the DCJS website just like bailbondsman are. Hell, I want to know and be able to verify if i'm associating with a licensed and minimum 44E 40hours trained BEA, or some unlicensed untrained knucklehead gunslinger cowboy imposter with no firearm's endorsement.


Vince Rera-owner/agent-PBUS member

VA DCJS licensed Surety Bailbondsman # 99-209620


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