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Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers [22 VAC 40 ‑ 185]
Action Amend Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers to Address Federal Health and Safety Requirements
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Comment Period Ends 5/12/2021
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5/12/21  2:11 pm
Commenter: Ellen McDonald, McDonald Montessori School

22VAC40-185-10 Definitions
  • [“Allergy”  an immune response by the body to an allergen that causes either a systematic (anaphylactic) or localized (like hives, erythema ) reaction]
  • “Balanced Mixed Age Grouping”  This a clear definition of what the standard recognizes as a balanced mixed age group. Is any program with a teacher having 8 training hours on balanced mixed age grouping allowed to utilize this ratio? It seems to be directly addressing Montessori programs. Why not limit the balanced mixed age grouping to Montessori programs?
  • “Children with Special Needs” means children [who have been diagnosed] with developmental disabilities, emotional disturbance, and so on…
  • “Independent Contractor” please clarify. Does this mean any individual (pest control company and/or specialized program leaders (e.g. Mighty Kicks Soccer)? 
  • “Licensee” means [the individual or the entity] to whom the license [for the child day center] is issued.
  • “Minor Injury”  means a wound, [injury, or other damage to the body such as abrasions, splinters, bruises, stings (that do not cause an allergic reaction),  and bites (that do not break the skin).]
  • “Programmatic Experience”  Consider adding “camp” to the experience settings list.
  • [“Poisoning”  a harmful ingested substance that elicits a bodily reaction like nausea, vomiting, labored breathing, burns or redness around the mouth and lips, or confusion.]
  • “Serious Injury”  means a wound or other [significant] and specific, damage to the body such as unconsciousness, broken bones, dislocation, deep cuts [likely requiring stitches], concussions, objects lodged in an orifice (like the eye, nose, ear, etc.) which will require immediate medical evaluation by a medical professional. 
  • “Shelter-in-Place”  means the [seeking of safe refuge within the physical building. The safe refuge may vary from location to location in the building depending upon the eminent threat. The time spent in shelter-in-place will also vary depending upon the threat. Only after the perceived threat has subsided, a shelter-in-place stay may end.]


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